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Hey IT Guy: Are Your End Users Destroying Your SharePoint??

End Users Gone Wild Part II Have you set yourself up for failure with regards to SharePoint?   As a former IT Guy, I can speak with experience.  If there is nothing to govern standardization, there will be no standardization.

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SharePoint Ate My Documents

How do you ensure you can find documents in SharePoint? So how do you design a library structure to insure you can find documents in SharePoint?  What are the key elements in document scanning to make sure you can find

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To Folder or Not to Folder(In SharePoint). That is the question.

Should I use folders in SharePoint? I am always in search of opinions on the use of folders within SharePoint. Arguments For Folders in SharePoint: End users are comfortable with them.  The transition to any new technology is always easier,

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Scanning to SharePoint: Capture Drives Search

So what is the most important part of any SharePoint scanning and capture implementation? In any ECM system, Capture drives search. I cannot emphasize this point enough, and time spent in assessing the front end process of any organization will

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Document Capture Planning for Search Results

Taking up the chore of scanning paper documents into SharePoint is not as simple as it may seem. I had a call with a prospect the other day that oversimplified the task, and had the mindset “we buy a scanner and click go”.

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SharePoint 2010 and Search

SharePoint 2010 Search

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