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SharePoint Scanning File Sizes

Have you done your SharePoint Scanning Storage Planning?   Advertisements

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Imaging File Size Comparison for Planning – Color and DPI

When planning for scanning to SharePoint, here is a quick matrix for the impact DPI and color can have on file size, and the size of your content DBs. Scanning Mode/DPI File Size Black and White – 200 DPI 26K

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SharePoint Storage Baselines for Document Imaging

How much storage do I need for scanning? Looking for some baselines for storage planning for document scanning?  Here is a quick document imaging file size matrix: Description Number of Pages Storage 1 Scanned Page – 8.5 x 11 1

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5 Tips for Optimizing Image Size When Scanning to SharePoint

I find quite a few customers are not optimizing their scanning process, and creating very large image files, slamming their network and bloating their content databases.  Below are 5 tips to live by when Scanning to SharePoint: Scanning at anything

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New SharePoint 2010 Limitations on Storage

Holy cow…4TB on content DBs.  Below is quoted from TechNet: Content databases of up to 4 TB are supported when the following requirements are met: Disk sub-system performance of 0.25 IOPs per GB. 2 IIOPs per GB is recommended for

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SharePoint Scanning Planning – Part 1 – Storage and Sizing

With SharePoint Scanning and Capture, as with any project, planning is essential to success.  If you are going to use scanning software to send scanned images to a SharePoint Content Database, you need to lay some ground work.  This is

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