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Scanning Copier Kills SharePoint: Tips to Prevent This Headline in Your Organization

Scanning copiers / MFPs can arm unsuspecting users, and bring down your SharePoint farm with excessively large files.  How?  Here is the scoop, if you are using scanning copiers to send image files to SharePoint, note the below configuration issues

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Document Routing and Microsoft SharePoint

See a ton of companies struggling with the question:  How do i get my copiers to scan to SharePoint? I go back and forth on the idea of panel applications that enable intelligent routing at the copier.  It always comes

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SharePoint Document Capture and Routing

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What Should I Use for Scanning Images into SharePoint?

Can’t I just use my copier for scanning? In most cases, for a typical office, with typical documents, a copier is a perfect scanning solution. As offices become more complex in the way they handle their documents, or they expand their scanning efforts to other departments, dedicated scanners may be required to achieve the desired result.

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