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PDF Wasteland: Are Your SharePoint PDFs Barren?

Metadata and PDFs in SharePoint: Rules to Follow   PDFs have become the standard in many organizations for archiving files as records.   Whether you are scanning paper files to SharePoint for long-term archival, or converting your Office documents to

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SharePoint Scanning File Sizes

Have you done your SharePoint Scanning Storage Planning?  

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Understanding Records Management in SharePoint

Some Great Links for SharePoint Records Management I have been doing quite a bit of work lately with customers that are looking to use SharePoint’s Records Management feature set, and here is a list of some references: Microsoft Legal Case

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PDF /A and SharePoint: What does it all mean?

What is PDF/A and why does it matter?   So what exactly is PDF/A, and why does it matter?   The Portable Document Format (PDF) has long been a simple, pervasive format for the sharing of documents, especially in the

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Microsoft Legal and How They Scan Their Records to SharePoint

Microsoft Legal Scanning to SharePoint This is a demo video of a Document Capture product deployed to scan and process immigration documentation.

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Who has the best SharePoint Workflow Product?

SharePoint Workflow Poll I get varying opinions, and wanted to pass it out to the masses to get a true vote on the best 3rd party SharePoint Workflow engine.  Please vote.

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Top 5 Mistakes Made in SharePoint Scanning Projects

Ooops. Can I have a do-over?  Ah, the rush to production. Between over-zealous timelines and management that just wants quick results, SharePoint rollouts can become quite messy. We see quite a few SharePoint Scanning project rollouts, so we want to share with you some

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