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I get varying opinions, and wanted to pass it out to the masses to get a true vote on the best 3rd party SharePoint Workflow engine.  Please vote.

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56 comments on “Who has the best SharePoint Workflow Product?
  1. Darryn Hart says:

    I would take a good look at the additional features that come with K2 and K2 SmartForms.
    It allows for quick and easy generation of forms that can be imbedded in most applications by using an iFrames. It even has the ability to run on Tablets.

    I think the best feature is the ability to integrate existing infrastructure like Webservices, Sql, Oracle,SAP, and even your own underlying Business models into its forms and SharePoint.

    You can also create forms independent of SharePoint allowing an all in one solution.


  2. Diane Hamilton says:


  3. Serlistine says:

    Simply de best

  4. Carol says:

    K2 definately, how could it be a competition between them?

  5. Johan Venter says:

    K2 – There is no competition if going on flexibility an integration depth.

  6. Danny says:

    Both products have similar features but they also have different features. Each product has it’s own sweet spot and really isn’t as simple as which one is better. Which every you choose it needs to fit for purpose..

    • scanguru says:

      From the results of the poll, I tend to lean in your direction. With about 2000 votes, they are just about neck and neck. We are seeing both used productively in large and small imaging implementations with great success.

  7. Carmien Owen says:

    In 5 years I’ve yet to encounter a business problem I couldn’t automate with Nintex Workflow and Forms. Nintex has the edge for me in terms of not touching the SharePoint stack. That’s an easier pill to swallow for companies managing upgrade risk. And the enhancement of workflow tasks with 2010 means there’s a new approach to business automation dawning.

  8. Bashar Adas says:

    K2 ofcourse… have a look at smart forms which is built on smart objects…smart objects enable you to integrate many systems and datasources out of the box.

  9. Jeremy says:

    If we look at people voting with their feet, rather than comments of those working for K2 or Nintex, Nintex wins. Forrester results over the last few years (link at bottom) have shown Nintex is repeatedly the most widely used third party product on SharePoint, eclipsing the number of people using K2 by about 3:1. Something has to be said for that.

    Latest Forrester Report

    • scanguru says:

      Thanks for the great link. At the time of this post, there have been 2600 votes in the poll, so the user response goes way past employee numbers. I am always wary of the analyst reports.

  10. We work with Nintex products for several years. More than 100 projects were realized using Nintex workflow.
    We are sure that now this is the best solution to create Workflows in SharePoint.

  11. Evgeny says:

    When it’s about SharePoint only, and not about adding another platfom next to it, than you should choose Nintex. And BTW migrating workflows if they are Nintex ones from SP10 to SP13 is really easy! 🙂

  12. Mark says:


    Can you please advise when this poll would this end?


  13. Henry says:

    AgilePoint is very simply for process design!

  14. Katrien says:


    If you look for a BPN/Workflow solution which is thinking outside the box, and delivers real business agility, then you should defiantly take a look at AgilePoint. Our team designs the flows by using Visio (AgilePoint Envision) and publish them directly to their server. Great point is that we can adapt/change process instances even while they are running.


  15. AgilePoint is simple but quite powerful and efficient tool to implement BPM solutions. Its a great sample of Model Driven software development and it provide different mechanism such as AgileWorks, AgileParts and AgileConnectors to tailor the product with new and localized requirements.

  16. Peter says:


  17. Aditya says:

    Agilepoint is really a very simple and powerful way to design the SharePoint Processes.

  18. Omar says:

    AgilePoint is the best workflow and BPM and very flexible and combitable with SharePoint,

  19. Vincent says:

    AgilePoint is pretty good choice when you want to integrate with SharePoint.

    I like their framework and how they integrate with SharePoint. You won’t break anything in SharePoint and the workflow work with applications pretty well.
    Also, I like to use Visio to draw the process with business user, which make them feel much more comfortable than other developer friendly tool.

  20. CK says:

    If you are serious in getting a robust, flexible and clean BPMS, I would suggest you give AgilePoint a try. With my vast experience in creating business processes over the past few years, AgilePoint has saved me from the need to spend many sleepless nights. It’s OOTB features are just so rich that you don’t even need to write a single line of codes. Just drag and drop and your business process is ready to go.

    Best of all, it does not insert/install any proprietary codes/DLLs into SharePoint. That’s why I said AgilePoint is clean which means AgilePoint and SharePoint can work together harmoniously without any complication and upgrading SharePoint will never be a problem and smooth like a breeze.

    Just my two cents.

  21. Nitin says:

    If you are looking for InfoPath based workflow or SharePoint List based workflow, AgilePoint would be a best fit for you. AgilePoint is also flexible when it comes to forms. They got integrations with SAP, MS SQL, Oracle, Web Services, WCF Services and the list goes on.

    Give it a try, you will like it.

  22. Nanfa says:

    If you’re looking for a simple SharePoint add-on, go Nintex. If you’re looking for a developer tool, go K2. If you’re looking for full BPM capability, go AgilePoint.

  23. Thomas Carpe says:

    While Nintex is without a doubt an excellent product, we’re able to accomplish things with AgilePoint that otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do with other workflow products. AgilePoint architecture is simple and reliable, striking an excellent balance between strong SharePoint integration and not-so-tightly integrated as to be exclusively a SharePoint platform.

    One other thing I would add is that it’s the only platform I think is fully capable of true BPMS for things like very long running (months vs. weeks) and complex (hundreds of steps vs. dozens) processes. Not only that, but we go straight from Visio drawings to a running process without any need for code or developer involvement; not everyone can claim that to be true.

    So, while I like all 3 workflow products mentioned, I think I will have to vote for AgilePoint!

  24. harsha says:


    Agilepoint lets you choose a wide range of products for you Workflow and they manage integration with that product. They removed the retriction of a product being mandatory just because my worflow solution does not support it.


  25. James Palumbo says:

    If you have not taken a close look at AgilePoint then you are selling yourself short.

  26. Manas says:

    AgilePoint – A complete BPMS Enterprise Solution.
    Its seamless regardless of any technology… .net, SharePoint, ASP, Java or any technology..
    and even it could be embedded with any LOB.
    its all there having the integration capability.. and moreover you develop the BPMS with NO CODE … !!! 🙂 It’s perfect and guess what no developer knowledge required.
    Its compatible with all the versions of all the development technology…

    To my personal user experience I have been using Nintex for couple of years, but that’s confined to SharePoint only…. but with Agilepoint it’s completely seamless with any Technology..


  27. Thomas Carpe says:

    Okay, I couldn’t stand it. This simple poll was not enough to capture all the pros and cons of what are essentially 3 very nice products. So, I posted my opinions in our blog. Please come check it out at http://blog.liquidmercurysolutions.com/blog/bid/328470/Who-Really-Has-the-Best-SharePoint-Workflow-Product

  28. Over the past several years, we have trained our consultants and delivered solutions with all three of these products. I suppose some consulting firms like K2 since it requires a small army of developers to deliver results. I love the Nintex UI for developing simple, workgroup solutions but I have heard more than one client talk about “hitting the wall” due to Nintex limitations and bringing their web front ends down with Nintex solutions.

    From my perspective, the only product worth considering for SharePoint workflow solutions is AgilePoint. When we have a conversation with new clients who have prior experience with Nintex or K2, it only takes a five minute conversation for them to come to the same conclusion.For real-world needs, AgilePoint + SharePoint solutions are easiest to implement, integrate, manage and enhance than either of the other two options. Also, AgilePoint is the one best suited for long running business processes and clearly, by far the most scalable of these options.

    Perhaps our consulting revenue is less for a solution delivered using AgilePoint …but then our focus is on earningg the opportunity to solve other really hard problems by thinking outside the box to deliver innovative business results quickly and cost effectively.

  29. wilam.wei says:

    AgilePoint of course, simple to handle it.

  30. nzCRMguy says:

    AgilePoint in my experience is the best solution, due to its extensibility with integration to many external systems. Not only does it manage workflow from a SharePoint perspective with a high degree of sophistication around the update on in-flight processes, it also allows you to apply enterprise BMP to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I also like the way it handles documentation.

  31. Kelvin says:

    We have been able to use AgilePoint successfully developed a new generation ERP system that enable us visualized whole processes from order to deliver. (we are now extending it to “order to cash”). AgilePoint has demonstrated it’s ability in real world applications.

    General Manager of WiGiTek.

  32. CK says:

    If you are serious in getting a robust, flexible and clean BPMS, I would suggest you give AgilePoint a try. With my vast experience in creating business processes over the past few years, AgilePoint has saved me from the need to spend many sleepless nights. It’s OOTB features are just so rich that you don’t even need to write a single line of codes. Just drag and drop and your business process is ready to go.

    Best of all, it does not insert/install any proprietary codes/DLLs into SharePoint. That’s why I said AgilePoint is clean which means AgilePoint and SharePoint can work together harmoniously without any complication and upgrading SharePoint will never be a problem and smooth like a breeze.

    Just my two cents.


  33. Harikrishnan says:

    AgilePoint is best product for BPMN

  34. Jim Justice says:

    We have conducted several BPM product comparisons on behalf of US Federal customers. AgilePoint wins when price, functionality, ease of use, and application to customer requirements are key criteria.

  35. Jey says:

    K2 gives SharePoint users the ability to assemble business apps easily. SharePoint is typically setup to bring information from back office systems into a single collaborative environment. K2 makes it easy for users to get hold of this information and throw them onto forms and push them through workflow processes easily.

  36. Dayv says:

    If you are looking for a totally integrated environment, K2 far exceeds either Nintex or AgilePoint. K2 is mature and is no reliant on SharePoint or any other environment, yet integrates nicely into any .Net based UI framework. With its SharePoint and IIS-based designers, business users can design and build processes with absolutely no code, no matter where the associated information resides.

  37. Warren says:

    AgilePoint for me is the best of both worlds. Strong integration with SharePoint, the ability to deliver complex SharePoint workflows and an enterprise capability to drive higher value through true business process management and optimisation (either as part of SharePoint or not). Departmental workflows can soon grow to become part of business critical processes and you need to make sure you have a technology that can support this evolution – AgilePoint.

  38. K2 is a serious BPM product that allows for a number of capabilities that cover business needs very well. Forms, Data, Workflow and Reporting. It empowers the business users with simple user interfaces and no-code solutions.
    I think this is its biggest advantage, the ability to provide no-code solutions not just for the workflow, but also for capturing data through K2 smartforms, and any CRUD based requirements through K2 smartobjects without having to write code. Purely point and click through the UI.
    Yet it still has the capability to scale this out at a later stage to do more advanced business automation.
    This is important. You want to buy one product to cover the enterprise needs, rather than have multiple tools that you’re paying multiple licences for.
    K2 can live within your SharePoint solution as a seamless application, or it can live on its own. It is not limited by SharePoint. It also provides integration options to common enterprise systems such as CRM, Salesforce and other LoB systems.

    Definitely a product worth considering in any BPM based solution, whether you are looking at it for a SharePoint based solution, or for your enterprise needs. I think it covers both very well, and priced accordingly.

  39. Anna M says:

    In the first week AgilePoint was running at under 5% of the votes. Suddenly in a few days it has the most? Something stinks. What we need is a breakdown of when votes come in and for what.

    • scanguru says:

      This poll has been interesting, and I have been following it since day one. To date there are 5,460 total votes. Initially, for the first week, it had very low voting, then I started a social media campaign to drive votes. It really took off when @mspartner (Microsoft’s partner network) re-tweeted an invitation to vote. Almost instantly, people launched Nintex into the lead, and then slowly but surely, partners began to chime in on their favorites, K2 had a surge shortly thereafter. AgilePoint supporters were late to the game, but really came on strong in the end. I think we are at a point where the voting has leveled off, and you can see where we are today. I plan on doing a post soon with a summary of all the participants, countries, etc., so if you follow the Blog you should see this at the end of next week.


  40. Shashi says:

    AgilePoint definitely is a very good product which is very powerful in terms of adaptability and scalability. People would know its worth when they have real time issues and to move processes to next level. User friendly design and deployment.

  41. Thomas Carpe says:

    Hey some of you folks who have had good things to say about these products, can I ask you to come read and comment on the review in my blog article above. Seems to me like the K2 crowd have passed it around and it’d be great to have some other opinions on the record in case I overlooked anything in my analysis.



  42. Dror says:

    Nintex is a great add on for the SP env. – no more than that. The minute you need something more you lose start to improvise and do all these walkarounds
    K2 is a great solution however in my country it is lack of support and professional services so i can hardly see it working
    AgilePoint is my natural selection when it comes to simplicity, prices and professional support.
    Start small, think big, scale high 🙂

    • Rénier says:

      Dror, K2 has customers in more than 84 countries all over the world providing both support and professional services to all of them. Where are you located that you have found support and professional services not being on par with your expectations?

    • Gerhard says:

      Hi Dror,
      Yes, as Renier says we have professional services teams around the world, so let us know where you are located and how we can get in touch and I’m sure our services team in that area would be more than happy to help you out.

  43. Craig says:

    So the question was SharePoint based, nothing else… on that fact alone Nintex wins hands down. Its the only product ever mentioned in a Microsoft Keynote. It has the most downloaded sharepoint online app. Its a Business Critical SharePoint partner because it allows easy integration into any of your line of business applications. It is built on the SharePoint backbone, utilising the SharePoint workflow. The forms and mobile abilities of Nintex far outstrips that of any of the competitiors… and yes they are also all SHAREPOINT Based…Do i need to continue…

    The proof is in the pudding, I have been working with SharePoint since 2003 and there are only a couple of products I choose to be associated with, Nintex is our workflow choice.

  44. Erik says:

    Is it me or is this just an exercise in ballot stuffing for AgilePoint to get their name out there?

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