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Top 5 Mistakes Made in SharePoint Scanning Projects

Ooops. Can I have a do-over?  Ah, the rush to production. Between over-zealous timelines and management that just wants quick results, SharePoint rollouts can become quite messy. We see quite a few SharePoint Scanning project rollouts, so we want to share with you some

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10 Tips for SharePoint Scanning Project Success

Tips for any SharePoint Scanning, Imaging or Capture Project This SlideShare presentation has been given at many SharePoint events, and is a great overview of focus areas for project planning in any SharePoint / Office 365 scanning project.  

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Presentation: 10 Tips on Making Your Scan to SharePoint Project a Success

10 Tips for Making Your SharePoint Scanning Project A Sucess from PSIGEN Software

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Imaging File Size Comparison for Planning – Color and DPI

When planning for scanning to SharePoint, here is a quick matrix for the impact DPI and color can have on file size, and the size of your content DBs. Scanning Mode/DPI File Size Black and White – 200 DPI 26K

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5 Keys to a Successful SharePoint Scanning Project

Below are 5 primary keys to implementing a successful SharePoint scanning / imaging project: 1.  Make sure you do some in depth storage planning.   When imaging to SharePoint or Office 365, you need to make sure you plan for

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SharePoint Scanning Planning – Part 3 – Scanning Hardware

Now that I have covered Sizing and Storage in Part 1, and Document Separation in Part 2, now we can start to take a look at scanning hardware.  There are several key questions you need to answer:  Can I use pre-existing hardware such as copiers

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SharePoint Scanning Planning – Part 2 – Separation

Document Examination and Separation One of the key steps in preparing for document scanning and capture is to identify how you will separate or split documents.  What is separation and how does it work?  Details below: For those of you

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