5 Keys to a Successful SharePoint Scanning Project

Below are 5 primary keys to implementing a successful SharePoint scanning / imaging project:

1.  Make sure you do some in depth storage planning.  

When imaging to SharePoint or Office 365, you need to make sure you plan for not only storage requirements, but also figure out the loading on your network.  Scanning, if done incorrectly, can great a huge burden on your network and bloat your content databases.  More info here: SharePoint Scanning Storage Planning

2.  Leverage existing scanning devices for the pilot project.

Giving users a familiar  interface will go miles towards acceptance.  Make it easy, and leverage copiers or other scanners within the organization to make the transition to paperless workflows familiar.  More on scanning hardware here: SharePoint Scanning Hardware

3.  Involve end users in SharePoint design.

I have seen so many projects where IT just builds what they think users want.  Make the layout of the site a collaborative effort, and build your site and library structures accordingly.  Map paper documents to digital, and leverage content types and managed metadata .  Finally, capture drives search, and make sure appropriate columns are put in place so users can find, sort and create views simply and easily.

4.  Leverage folders for quick adoption.

Here we go, the old folder argument.  Along with creating a familiar environment, users love folders, and they give quite a bit of power in the SharePoint world.    Adding them costs nothing, and they can be turned off for users who don’t want them.  Use folders.

5.  Automation is key, and necessary for standardization.

Make sure you utilize a scanning application that allows for standardization rule set.  Site, library, content type, folder, file naming and terms should all have the ability to be controlled and automatically set.  Automation makes standardization easy, and totally transparent giving you a repeatable, consistent scanning and capture process.

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One comment on “5 Keys to a Successful SharePoint Scanning Project
  1. Ilija Injac says:

    I am currently working on a bigger open source available application with scanning features for SharePoint 2010. It is meant to open SharePoint 2010 to small sized companies. Here is the first sub-project in alpha stage, that allows the user to scan directly from within SharePoint 2010:http://blog.mecum.biz/2011/02/sharepoint-2010-server-side-wia-scanning-webpart/ . A library to split and merge PDF documents is ready to be realeased as next sub-project. When the project is finished, it will allow to scan documents from the client, from the server and to manage your documents and libraries from within a WPF-Metro-Style-NUI interface and more. Thank you for this guide, it will help me to consider more “user perspectives” for this project.

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