Scanning to SharePoint: Capture Drives Search

So what is the most important part of any SharePoint scanning and capture implementation?

In any ECM system, Capture drives search.

I cannot emphasize this point enough, and time spent in assessing the front end process of any organization will pay huge dividends over time.   Below are 3 key focus areas to examine during the planning phase of any SharePoint ECM / Scanning and Capture implementation:

  1. Standardization is key. Define your site, library, folder and column structure on day one.  Use a capture technology that can create a repeatable, standardized capture process regardless of the user or device.  Ensure that the technology you utilize has the ability to create dynamic library, folder name and file name structures.  Don’t settle for hard-coded folder and file naming structures where you have no control.  This is absolutely critical to “findability” for all users.
  2. Automation creates repeatable processes. The less human intervention, the better.  Technologies like Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) provide automated column population, field validation and exception processing.  Automating the whole collection process drives correct search criteria, and allows for the utmost in efficiency.
  3. Create PDF Image with Hidden text through OCR.  Column based search is great for most of our needs, but to provide the most powerful search repository, adding Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to any process is critical.  Choose a technology that provides multiple OCR engine options.  Why?  Not all OCR engines are optimized for all operations.  Some are built for speed, some built for accuracy, others are just built.
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