Is SharePoint Becoming a Disaster Recovery Platform?

The New Digital File Cabinet?

SharePoint and Disaster Recovery
Do you backup your paper?  It is always interesting to see the response from executives and managers.   All businesses take their digital backups seriously, and will throw just about any dollar amount at the problem.  And ask IT Managers to talk about their disaster recovery plans, they will go on and on.  But paper assets can be just as critical, and although I see more and more businesses moving to digital document creation, paper is still king.

I am seeing more and more businesses looking to “Bridge the Gap” and digitize their paper files, and transition to a digital repository for long term file storage.   With the advent of SharePoint, more and more companies are looking to store their files in Microsoft’s repository.   Some stats below:

  • We are approaching 4 trillion documents being stored by businesses and government agencies (US Alone)
  • 92% of information is in some type of folder or file cabinet
  • Paper files are doubling every 3.5 years
  • Every day 1 billion photocopies or prints are made.

Source:  The Paperless Project

Scanning your documents can provide a backup for your paper, and allow for a more complete disaster recovery plan, with both digital and physical documentation ready for backup and recovery.

More to come on this topic.  Comments?

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