SharePoint Storage Baselines for Document Imaging

How much storage do I need for scanning?

SharePoint Scanning Storage

How much storage?

Looking for some baselines for storage planning for document scanning?  Here is a quick document imaging file size matrix:

Description Number of Pages


1 Scanned Page – 8.5 x 11 1 30-50KB
1 Scanned Page – 11×17 1 100KB
1 File Cabinet – 4 drawers 10,0000 500MB
1 Box 2500 125MB
1 Linear Inch 100 5MB
1 E Size Engineering Drawing (48×36) 16 – 8.5×11 800KB
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3 comments on “SharePoint Storage Baselines for Document Imaging
  1. Kirill says:

    this baseline looks really strange for me since size of file depends on important parameters not mentioned here. For example color format, scan resolution and compression.
    I’ve scanned 8.5×11 image with 300 DPI and had
    1) saved in PNG uncompressed binary image – 1 MB
    2) saved in jpeg 24 bits color image – 840 KB
    3) saved to pdf with g4 compression binary image – 111 KB
    4) saved to pdf with Jpeg 2000 compression color imge – 790 KB

    very different results for different compressions and color format. If you change resolution from 300 DPI to 600 DPI you will have much bigger files as well


  2. […] resource was originally posted on the Scanning with Microsoft SharePoint blog […]

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