5 Tips for Optimizing Image Size When Scanning to SharePoint

I find quite a few customers are not optimizing their scanning process, and creating very large image files, slamming their network and bloating their content databases.  Below are 5 tips to live by when Scanning to SharePoint:

  1. Scanning at anything greater than 300 DPI is unecessary.   DPI can be a huge killer, and really bloat your file size.  For most instances, 200 dpi is perfectly fine for archive purposes.  If you are using OCR or performing data extraction, 300 dpi will give you a great quality image.  Anything beyond that will give you no better quality, but increases the file size exponentially.
  2. Use color and grayscale sparingly.  Color and grayscale files can be massive, and can be a huge burden on many different aspects of any SharePoint system.  Use them only when absolutely necessary, as black and white images are perfectly acceptable in almost every instance.
  3. Image processing is key.  Having an image processing engine that can despeckle, deshade and remove black borders will reduce file size and conserve storage.
  4. Check you copiers.  Most copiers today like to show off their fancy color capabilities and typically come with default settings to create color scans.  Check DPI and color settings to make sure your users unknowingly are creating massive files.
  5. TIFF or PDF?  This can be a whole additional conversation, and possible next post.  There really is no difference in file size for the same scanned image, and I find PDF is becoming the de facto standard in imaging.
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One comment on “5 Tips for Optimizing Image Size When Scanning to SharePoint
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