Document Routing and Microsoft SharePoint

See a ton of companies struggling with the question:  How do i get my copiers to scan to SharePoint?

I go back and forth on the idea of panel applications that enable intelligent routing at the copier.  It always comes back to contention at the device.  I recall one instance where an admin had all her documents piled on the copier, they were using eCopy, and she was scanning one document at a time, and sending them to SharePoint.  During her 20 minutes of copier hoarding, at least 10 people walked up, and walked away.

There are several things that i believe are absolutely critical to enabling copiers as scanning and capture onramps to SharePoint:

  1. Document Separators are an absolute requirement!!!  You have to be able to take a whole stack of documents, place barcode/routing separators between them, throw them all in the hopper and hit the green button.
  2. Intelligent Routing is required.  Separators need to provide document intelligence, and give the user the ability to pre-index the document through the use of a barcode creation utility, or an Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) routing sheet with check boxes.
  3. Flexibility in routing is required.  An application that can provide automatic routing to SharePoint based on barcodes or checkboxes can provide ultimate flexibility for the users.  The ability to route to site, library and folder is necessary, and the need to set content type and file naming is also a key.

Here is a sample of a routing sheet:   Scanning Route-SP-Dynamic-Template

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