SharePoint Governance and Document Capture

So, SharePoint Governance is the big topic of late, and the ability to control and manage your SharePoint infrastructure is extremely important.  The whole concept applies even more so to document scanning and capture, and there are some key requirements you need to look for in any application that will be your onramp to SharePoint 2010:

  • Make sure that the application has the ability to control the whole scanning process from start to finish
  • A Quality Assurance module is absolutely required to allow for validation and checking of not only image quality, but also the quality of your data
  • Fields within the scanning application should not only map to columns in SharePoint, but also it should be absolutely required that fields can map to file naming standards and folder naming.  This will allow for standardization of the overall process.
  • Fields should also be allowed to map to libraries for dynamic, and controlled placement of documents into specific repositories

The overall control of this process will ensure organization, and allow governance of end user operations when capturing documents to the SharePoint Platform.

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2 comments on “SharePoint Governance and Document Capture
  1. I work for ibml which is a provider of ultra high speed scanning solutions. What are your thoughts on centralized scanning and Sharepoint in regards to pushing 10k+ documents an hour into the Sharepoint solution?

    • scanguru says:

      So, the SharePoint API drags when adding documents through a single connection, especially large image files. Some innovative companies allow the use of load balanced migration nodes, so you can have multiple worker nodes pumping documents into SharePoint through multiple connections. PSIGEN has this capability, and I have seen large back file conversions where there are 10 migration nodes running 24×7. The one that comes to mind is a large documentum migration to a hosted SharePoint 2010 server.

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