How are Companies using SharePoint Scanning Applications?

There is a trend right now in SharePoint Scanning and Capture, and I really see organization leveraging MFPs and copiers to provide scanning to the masses.  As you can well image, this could be an absolute nightmare without the use of document capture software that can provide the ability to standardize the posting of information to Document Libraries.

The trend right now is the use of barcode cover sheets and/or OMR routing sheets.  The routing sheets seem to be the hot method at this point in time, because they provide the user the ability to have a pre-printed stack near the copier, and when they need to scan, they grab a sheet and a sharpie, color in the boxes that determine the metadata, and then scan.  Below is a link to an example OMR sheet for a law firm.  Note that the check boxes are mapped to document library, and also are utilized to create file folder and file naming.

SharePoint Scanning OMR Sheet

I will go over some barcode sheet examples in a later post.

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2 comments on “How are Companies using SharePoint Scanning Applications?
  1. Carolyn says:


    I am the developer of an EMR web-based program and as such am becoming aware of the need to create barcode capabilities for our potentil health care subscribers so they can quickly scan their paper records into the program so it becomes a part of a patient’s permanent record.

    BUT . . . I am not a programmer, and I have minimal knowledge concerning the creation of barcode ability into any program. I am only beginning to learn about OCR. Can you make any suggestions as to how/who I could contact someone who could program barcode or OCR potential into my own EMR program?

    I first heard about this about 2 weeks ago when I contacted a scanning company with the intent of purchasing several scanners to accomodate our subscribers with the overwhelming task of scanning existing patient paper files. He told me about barcoding that could be used with most scanners, albeit he was trying to impress upon me that Fujitsu; Kodak; or Panasonic were the best to consider for hi-speed scanning and would interface easily with any barcode.

    Is there any code that you know of that could be embedded into our program? We are PHP based program.

    Thanks so very much for sharing your time and knowledge with all of us novices.


    • scanguru says:

      Thanks for reading the BLOG. Is your EMR based on SharePoint? There are several products out there that can do all of that for you, like PSI:Capture from PSIGEN.

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